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Phoenix Contact 2865984 Intrinsically Safe Isolation Amplifier Relay

MACX MCR-EX-SL-2NAM-R-UP Din rail mount screw connection intrinsically safe Single pole Double throw channel isolating amplifier for switches and proximity sensors transmitted with relay ouput to safe areas. Has 3-way isolation and line fault detection and LED's for voltage, swithcing state and fault. Select the operation direction for closed circuit or operating current. 24-230 V AC/DC volt coil side voltage. Load side voltage 120 volt/.2 amp or 250 volt/2 amp output with 1 double throw contact.

Phoenix Contact 2865984 Intrinsically Safe Isolation Amplifier Relay Specifications:

  • Din Rail Mount
  • Load Voltage: 250V Max
  • Single Pole
  • Screw Connection
  • Double Throw
  • LED Indicator
  • Coil Voltage: 24VDC
  • Isolation Amplifier Relay Output
  • Load Amperage: 2 Amps
  • Coil Voltage 120VAC
  • Coil Voltage 240VAC

2-channel Ex-i NAMUR isolation amplifier with wide-range power supply for proximity sensors and switches.

Every channel has a relay with PDT contact as a signal output. Line fault detection (LFD), 3-way isolation, SIL 2.

Product Features:

 Up to SIL 2 according to EN 61508
 Installation in zone 2, protection type 'n' (EN 60079-15) permitted
 Line fault detection (LFD), can be activated/deactivated, error indicated by red flashing LED with de-excitation of output relay
 Relay signal output (PDT)
 3-way electrical isolation
 LED indicators for supply voltage, switching state, and malfunction according to NAMUR NE 44
 Direction of operation can be selected (operating or closed circuit current behavior)
 Wide-range power supply of 19.2 ... 253 V AC/DC
 Input for NAMUR proximity sensors (EN 60947-5-6), floating contacts or contacts with resistance circuit, [Ex ia] IIC



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