HD T-Bolt Hose Clamps - Stainless steel band with shoe and floating bridge, and 1/4" T-bolt. Used to seal hoses and pipes onto fittings. Easy to use and provides a tight and secure hold for a wide variety o automotive, industrial, and marine applications.

Single Ear Hose Clamps - Also known as "pinch clamps" single ear clamps are easier to install than worm-drive clamps. Crimp the pinch points with pinch-clamp pincers for a secure hold. For firm plastic and rubber hose/tube.

Worm Gear Hose Clamps - Interlocking ends that apply consistent clamping pressure and help prevent shearing. Great for pneumatic and exhaust hoses.

Spiral Hose Clamps For Corrugated Hose - Double bolt clamp used for corrugated hoses. The spiral double bolt clamp fits between the convolutions of corrugated hose. When tightened, the wire secures the full circumference  of the outside hose wall (not the convolutions).

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