PRM Mobile Remediation Equipment Rentals

With one of the largest remediation system rental fleets in the nation, PRM provides solutions for your most difficult project sites. Many PRM rentals are new systems, built to your specifications to tackle the toughest jobs, while providing reliability and maximum efficiency for your project.

PRM rents Air Sparge/Soil Vapor Extraction Systems, or Sparge and Vent Systems. Our SVE Systems are available in mobile cargo trailers, on skids, or in connex seabox containers for quick delivery and startup at your site.

PRM Remediation Equipment Rental

Pilot Testing

Air Sparge/Soil Vapor Extraction Systems are often used for full scale remediation but can also be used for pilot testing.

PRM can provide equipment for pilot testing for engineering consultants and if needed can provide field service technicians to operate the systems. Pilot testing can include Groundwater Pump Tests, Sparge and SVE Tests or Dual Phas Extraction Tests. 

PRM is equipped with the necessary equipment to provide these services throughout the United States.

Dual Phase Extraction Systems

PRM rents dual phase extraction systems for liquid and vapor phase remediation. We are testing and upgrading our current DPE units in stock so they can be made available for lease with minimal lead time.

PRM can build it!
Can't find the right configuration for a difficult project site? PRM can build Treatment Systems or Rentals to your specification. Sparge and Vent, Pump and Treat, Multi Phase, Carbon Vessels, Carbon Change Out, Oxidizers, Groundwater Treatment, Ozone Systems, Rental Flares and much more!

Remediation Equipment Rentals

Contact PRM at 888-TREAT-IT (873-2848) for more information and for a quote for your next rental.