Rental Dual Bag Filter Housing Skid

Features & Benefits:

  • 200 GPM Flow Rate
  • 150 PSI
  • Low Pressure Drops
  • Large-Area, Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Baskets
  • Carbon Steel Plate Skid With Forklift Pockets
  • Change Bag Filters Without Stopping Flow

What's Included?

The Rental PRM Dual Bag Filter Housing Skid is a convenient solution for applications with temporary filtration requirements. The standard unit can handle flow rates up to 200 GPM, and up to 150 psi.

One of the more convenient benefits of the dual bag filter housing system is the ability to change the bag filter in one housing without interrupting flow through the second housing, resulting in less downtime.

The metal plate skid makes setup is a simple process with the use of a forklift, and also allows for the system to move locations with ease.

All elements of the rental skid package can be changed, and PRM stocks and builds custom systems ever day. If the standard Dual Bag Filter Housing Skid won't work for your needs, contact us for a free consultation and quote for your ideal filtration system.