SRX Remediation Pumps

$ 1,520.00

SRX Remediation Pumps

Pneumatic pumps for use in 2 inch and larger diameter wells up to 200 ft.

Pneumatic pump for extracting groundwater or total fluids in both top-loading or bottom-loading environments.

The SRX is an air-powered pump used to extract ground water or total fluids at variable rates equal to the well recharge rates. The SRX is available in a 1.75in OD or 3.5in OD for use in 2” and 4” wells. Pump flow rates are up to 9.5 gpm. The SRX pump is available in top loading for recovering total fluids or bottom loading for dissolved phase and higher pumping rates.

Part Number Size (in) Pump OD (in) Pump
Length (in)
Pump Weight (lb) Max Flow Rate (gpm)
TR-974 SRX
Top Loading Short 
3.5 39 16.6 5.5
TR-975 SRX
Bottom Loading
4 3.5 46.2 16.7 9.5
TR-976 SRX
Top Loading
4 3.5 44.5 18 7.6
TR-977 SRX
Bottom Loading
2 1.75 44 4 2.9
TR-978 SRX
Top Loading
2 1.75 43.5 4.2 1.8
  • Reliable
  • Simple Routine Maintenance
  • Competitive Price
  • Easy Replacement for Existing Pump