New (Old Stock/Open Box): An item that may have been purchased for use on a system has not been previously used. May come with the original box and paperwork, in an open box, or may be missing its original box and paperwork altogether.

Used: An item that has been used previously. If it is known that the item is not functional or that there are issues with the item, it will be noted in the product listing.

New Old Stock/Open Box, and Used items are subject to our standard Return Policy, which includes the following:

*NOS (New Old Stock) and Used products are exempt from returns and/or refunds. If the condition of the NOS, or Used product is found to be grossly misrepresented or misleading, a return, refund, or exchange may be considered at the sole discretion of PRM.

**NOS (New Old Stock) and Used products are exempt from warranty.